Helix DMS Product Support


Intro to Helix DMS

Helix DMSHelix DMS is a web based data management system for a single SQL Server Database. This program is unique in that it provides a single web interface for both data administrators and end users. It is not a conventional data management tool like SQL Management Studio or Access, nor is it a specified customer management application like many CRM products (although it can be in both cases). Helix DMS provides a means to build a web interface and database simultaneously without ever having to look at a single line of code. Furthermore, Helix DMS provides a means to easily export and distribute the customizations you have created as your own application.


Helix DMS with Themeroller Helix integrates several technologies to provide a flexible and robust environment for mapping business processes into a web interface that can be easily understood and customized by end users. Among these technologies that have been integrated are Google Apps (Voice, Calendar, Gmail), jQuery Themeroller, and Office Documents. These features allow users to connect accounts and streamline their data storage with features they use everyday all in a rich UI..

Helix DMS has been implemented as a back office web solution for several business scenarios.

A few of these implementation are:

  • Helix DMS Real Estate
  • Helix CRM
  • Helix DMS for Bus Transport Routing
  • Helix DMS for Property Management
  • Helix for Web Content Management

Because Helix is so flexible, it can be configured to work with most any business process. Please contact Web Data Software for consulting or assistance in getting your Helix DMS implementation to work for you.